Term Two Activities

Welcome Back Everyone!

Another busy term is coming up and Year 6 are in full swing, fundraising approximately $700 at our Cross Country BBQ. Well done team! All fundraising goes towards the Year 6 school gift and their farewell at the end of the year. 
Our next fundraiser is going to be a yummy pie drive, just right for those cold days ahead.    So look out for that in our up and coming newsletters...

'MEMORIES' From Term One

Well, it feels like such a long time ago now, but it was only last term that Stage 3 buddied up with their brand new Kindergarten buddies. Kindergarten have continued to work together with the Stage 3 students and Tulang is LOVING IT!!!
Kinder buddieskinder buddy

Stage 3 Australian Author Study - 'Paul Jennings'


Thomas Edison Projects

Tulang were able to research the contributions of some famous inventors during the unit                  'It's Electrifying', specifically looking at the invention of the light bulb. Students were able to present their research task in various multimodal forms such as iMovie, Power Point, Drama skit or cardboard to name a few.




Corrimal Public Schools ANZAC Day Ceremony was held to remember the many service men and women that gave their lives and still continue to do so today. Tulang's assembly item reflected upon this and the students were able to share their acrostic poems and artwork on ANZAC.

artwork artwork



Harmony Day

Tulang enjoyed Corrimal Public School's Harmony Day activities. Stage 3 students celebrated Australia's multicultural richness and painted this artwork on the day. Isn't it amazing!!