Term Four Activities


We are almost half way through another  busy term in Arinya. Year Two students, especially have been very excited with commencing their School Swimming Scheme for the first time. They return to school each day with experiences to tell about the progress of their swimming skills.

During this term we have been exploring the Science unit of the material world where we have been undertaking several experiments to test the strength and durability of many types of materials. 

      Kids                Lucas                 Hala

We have also been looking at Asian countries and culture by mapping and writing information reports. We have been reading several asian texts and experiencing stories from many different countries.

Our class always enjoys our maths groups and we have been working on the jump and split strategies.


At the end of last term we spent an exciting afternoon playing selected board games. Our school reached our goal or 5000 tokens and we were rewarded with this special afternoon.

Maddox 2twister 1