Term Four Activities

The students in K Cooinda would like to share with you some writing and paintings they have done about their school life this year.

The best thing about 2017.

2017 AudryDane 2017


James 2017Jax 2017


Kalani 2017Leila 2017


Mia 2017Robert 2017


Sasha 2017Stef 2017


' I liked when we went to the forest because at the end we used telescopes and nets.'     Logan

' My favourite part of 2017 was the Cross Country.'     Jack

'..... is the Cross Country because of all the running.'   Joel

'.... Aboriginal stories have the best drawings.'     Archer

' My favourite is the Cross Country Race because I came third in it.'    India

' My favourite was the school fete.'       Kalani

' I dressed in pink pyjamas, they were fluffy, they were Troll pyjamas. It was a hot day. It was so good, we got to watch a movie. I loved Pyjama Day.'        Leila

' I like playing with all my friends.'     Amy

' I liked Pyjama Day because I had a pink top and blue pants too.'     Sasha

' My favourite thing about 2017 was doing athletics.'      Jax